Remote Control in 9.0 SP2 or 8.8 SP4 fails to launch and/or randomly launches on it's own

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5

    Description: After applying Service Pack 2 for LANDesk 9.0 or Service Pack 4 for 8.8 the remote control viewer may fail to launch (with no error message) or it may start randomly launching on it's own even if the Windows Console is not currently open.


    Cause: A change to the design of remote control caused the application to launch through a DLL and Windows Scheduler.


    Solution: Apply the patch below and then remove remote control entries from the Windows Scheduler.


    8.8 SP4 = CR5090788.4

    9.0 SP2 = CR5090790.2


    Additional Note: The Windows Scheduler will usually list the remote control viewer tasks like P02.***** and may contain several copies of the task. To verify you are deleting the correct task double click on the task(s) and look at the "Actions" tab. The details (path) should point to the application "isscntr.exe".


    If you cannot find the task in the Windows Scheduled Task window or if there are not any tasks on the list you may have to follow these steps to remove the task:


    1) On your computer open a command prompt (cmd)

    2) Run: schtasks /query > C:\tasks.txt

    3) Open the file and look for a task that is scheduled to run every hour

    4) Go back to the command prompt

    5) Run: schtasks /delete /TN "NameoftheTask"

    NOTE: Replace NameoftheTask with the task name you found in the tasks.txt file