Restoring an inaccessible dashboard caused by a web page gadget linking a page that takes over the browser

Version 2



    When adding a web page gadget to a dashboard in Web Access you can link to a page that automatically redirects to somewhere else.  In some cases this will redirect the whole browser window and not just the frame the page is sitting in.  When this occurs you are redirected away from Web Access as soon as you open the dashboard so it is no longer accessible by anyone.




    The web page gadget uses a standard <iframe> HTML element to contain the page.  Some pages will redirect you when you go to them, for example going to redirects you to  There are numerous methods for a web page to redirect itselfand if done via certain Javascript code the window is redirected rather than just the page.




    The easiest solution to this is to make sure you link to s page that doesn't then redirect you.  In the example of if you use the full URL in the gadget properties this will work fine.  However there may be some pages that will never work happily in a frame.  If you are the author of the page you're linking to you should change the techniques you use to ensure only the current frame is being redirected.  Otherwise the page will not be compatible.


    Restoring access to the dashboard


    Once you come across this issue on a dashboard it is no longer accessible unless the page hosted within the gadget can be re-written.  To restore access use the attached SQL script.  The script requires you to specify which dashboard you want to restore, and when run will blank out the URL on any web page gadget.



    Web Access 7.4 onwards.