Inventyfier: Random inventory scan generator

Version 2


    Inventyfier is a useful utility that is able to generate a number of LDMS Scan Files.

    This can be useful when you need to try to reproduce bugs that arise only if you have more than a certain number of devices.

    If the utility is launched without any parameter it generates 1000 scan files by default.


    For now the utility is very simple: starting from a template, that is included in the archive, it randomizes the GUID, MAC address and name of the device.

    A brief help/usage example is available launching it with the /? parameter.

    This is only an alpha release, use with caution.

    It requires .NET Framework 2.0

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for every kind of feedback.




    Inventyfier [/files=n] generates n full inventory scan files.
    If n is not specified the program generates 1000 scan files.


    The program uses the file myscan.template as template of a valid full scan substitutes some tokens with random data.


    is substituted with a random generated GUID
    [****] is substituted with a sequential integer that represent the ordinal number of the scan file. The nth scan...
    ||****|| is substituted with a random generated MAC address. NOTE: the producer prefix is not considered, the full MAC is random
    ||*HH*|| is substituted with a random generated hexadecimal octet represented as string. Example: 7A, AA, 3C.....





    Inventifier /files=100

    Generates 100 scan files


    Inventyfier /?

    displays a brief help and terminates.


    The utility Inventyfier is given AS IS and without any expressed/implied warraty.
    The utility is unsupported. Use it at your own risk.

    For every comment, bug report or suggestion please leave a comment to this article.