Right click "Real-time inventory and monitoring" does not launch a browser

Version 1


    In the Windows console, right clicking on a device and selecting "Real-time inventory and monitoring," does not open a browser as it should.


    If you open the console.exe.log, it will show this error:

    01/03/2011 14:25:06 ERROR 6132:Main Thread RTInvMon : Console() did not get URL



    The console cannot read a registry value it has to read to launch the real-time inventory and monitoring in a web browser.


    The console (whether on the core or remote) has to read this registry value on the core server:



    If the console fails to read the above path, it will try this path:



    If you receive the error in this article, it means the console connected to the registry successfully, but was not able to find the coreserver value, or the value was null. This can occur if you installed the core on a 64-bit system (which would create the LANDesk key under the Wow6432Node key), and then manually created a LANDesk key directly under the Software key.


    This is not a permissions or a firewall issue (which will result in different errors that are quite obvious).



    Make sure the correct core registry value exists, is not null, and is accessible. Also ensure there are no extraneous LANDesk registry keys.