Error in Event Viewer System with an event id 333

Version 8



    The server almost crash due to registry getting full and require a reboot in order to be able to use the server.


    Multiple errors with an Event id 333 appear in Event Viewer in the system section as shown below:






    This is due to a hardware resources issue. This can happened on a real server ("physical server")and virtual server like ESX with share resources for CPU and RAM.

    For more details see this Microsoft link:


    Resolution: (see part 1 and 2#)


    # 1 -Performance issue


    First thing is to check the server performance following this community article from page 4 on Counter and Performance for 1 day:


    Then do a hardware upgrade or change ESX setting under to be below recommended value.


    In case of VM Ware ESX change the CPU and RAM resources setting to dedicated instead of share resources.



    # 2 Microsoft HotFix


    Microsoft issu eon Windows 2003 Server see this article:




    All version of Landesk