Configuring Company, Department filtering on Incident (using the customer and company objects)

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    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 2017.x

    On the out of the box database there are Company, Department fields on the Incident window. This guide shows how to populate these values automatically when the user is selected.


    Please carry out any design changes in your test system and take a full backup and apply any design changes to your live system out of hours.


    Please note on the out of the box database the customer object is labelled department on the incident window.


    Configuration of the User record

    1) Add the customer group to the user so it is displayed under groups in administration.




    2) Then set the Primary Group on the user’s record to be the customer object.




    3) Then add the customer to a company as a child group by dragging the customer on to the company in Administration.




    Ensure that the handlers are enabled in Console

    *Please note on the out of the box database the handlers are preconfigured with the settings below.


    1) On the fields Raise User, Company, Customer in Windows Manager select properties -> Advanced  Properties and select the Is ‘User, Customer, Company’ option as true for all the fields.




    Ensure that the required filters are enabled for Web Access

    *Please note on the out of the box database the filters are preconfigured with the settings below.

    1) In Object Designer open the Incident object in Incident Management and ensure that the following fields (Raise User, Company, Customer) have the ‘Is User, customer company select?’ option selected in the 'Filter Selectors standard configurations'. This option can be found on the attribute properties. In filter selectors option the client for these filters should be set as WebAccess (the handlers perform this function in Console).




    Log a new incident to test the configuration

    1) The company and department will be completed when selecting the raise user:




    2) In Web Access the values will also be automatically completed after selecting the raise user using the filters configured.