Certain users are unable to type in the Title and Description fields (they appear greyed out)

Version 4


    End users in Self Service are unable to type in the Title and Description fields when creating an incident in the Self Service

    The protection level for these fields on the window are set to be able to write.



    Privileges need to be modified to allow SelfService users to write to these fields.



    Log into the console with administrative privileges.

    Go to Administration | Administration

    Expand Roles | End user and right click on the SelfService or PortalEndUser role and select privileges.

    Note: Modify the rights on the role the ends users are a member of for Self Service.


    Expand Modules | Process Management | Process Related Objects

    Double click on Process

    Uncheck Create, Read and Update rights for process if they are checked.

    Now check all three options Create, Read and Update for the Process attribute.


    End Users will now be able to type in the Self Service new incident title and description fields.



    LANDesk Service Desk 7.4 or later


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