Setting a dashboard as the system home page in Web Desk also sets it for Self Service

Version 7

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.7.x


    In Web Desk 7.4 create a dashboard and from the option menu (the down arrow in the top right of the page) select "make this dashboard the system home page".  This will be the dashboard all analysts see when they log in to Web Desk, however it also shows for all end users logging into Self Service.


    These scripts have now been modified to be compatible with Web Desk 7.7.3.  Please see article for information regarding the changes Some users receive 'syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ',', or '\n', or '}'' when  logging in to Web Desk or switching to Web Desk from Self Service



    This issue was logged as problem 5108 and was fixed in Service Desk version 7.5.



    The following steps will set a different dashboard for end users and analysts:


    1. Create the dashboard for end users to see when logging in - set this as the system home page.

    2. Create the dashboard for analysts to see.

    3. Run the attached SQL or Oracle script on your Service Desk database.

    4. Modify the two lines near the top for the name of your analyst dashboard and which type of users to set this as the home page for (by default "Analyst").


    This script will set the analyst dashboard as the personal home page for all analyst users.  By having a personal home page set this overrides the system home page.  If you create a new analyst in the future you will need to set this as their personal default either manually or by running the SQL script again.


    Note: Running the script will replace any existing personal home page settings for the users.