How to change Core server name in WinPE?

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    In some environments it may be necessary to change the core server name from its netbios name to either its IP address or FQDN. This article will discuss the where in WinPE the core server name is stored and how to change it.



    In WinPE that comes with LDMS 9.0 the core server name is stored in two different locations


    1. WinPE image > Temp > Corename.txt

    2. WinPE image > Windows > System32 > All.reg


    There are two methods to change the core server name in WinPE:


    Method 1: Use Imagex to modify WinPE image. See this article for details


    Method 2: Inject a driver into WinPE from within Management Suite console. In the following we will look into this option


    1. In the console open Operating System Deployment module

    2. Click on "Manage the drivers in the Windows PE image" icon (CD icon)

    3. By default the first image is already selected, this \\your_core\ldmain\landesk\vboot\boot.wim. Unless you are using other specific image or CD image, stick to this one

    4. Click on Next. The boot.wim image will now be extracted to the temp folder of the currently logged on user

    5. Start > Run > and type "%temp%" without the quotes. This will take you to the temp folder.

    6. You should see a folder called IMGTMP. Open that one, then open APPLY

    7. In the Temp folder there is corename.txt. Open this in notepad and change the name to whatever you like, then save it.

    8. Open Windows > System32 > All.reg in notepad. You will see an entry like the one below



    Change your_core to whatever value you used in corename.txt (step 7 above). Save and close it.

    9. Go back to "Manage the drivers in the Windows PE image" window in the console. Now here is the trick: you have to add a dummy driver (with a proper INF file) to the image. Click Finish.


    If you do not do that your changes above will not be applied! Once you added a dummy driver, repeat steps 1 - 4 and remove the driver.