Adding a customized image when RC prompts for permission

Version 3


    When remote control prompts the user asking them if they will allow a remote control session, is there way to add a logo or some text that can make it clearer to the end user?



    You can create a a bitmap file called permission.bmp and save it in the ldclient directory on the client computers.  When the remote control session is started on the client and it prompts the end user for permission it will add this image above the text asking for permission.  This way you can add an image of text describing proper remote control usage and/or a company logo to make it look more official.


    To make it easier you can include the permission.bmp file in your agent install.  You will need to copy the file to the ldlogon directory on your core server and then modify the ntstacfg files to include the image file.  For more information on how to do this you can read the last part of the 8.7 pdf document in article 1566.


    Here is one example: