Design Transfer fails with an invalid path error when importing a process

Version 1



    When using design transferring to transfer a process the following error is displayed. This is occurring when the path of the value type below is valid in the target database.


    Started Import of: (7:31:31 AM)
    Old Guid:
    3/8/2011 3:31 PM :
    Exception occured:
    A internal exception has occurred while committing ActionValue :
    Invalid Path: ClassType IncidentManagement.Incident does not contain Attribute _Testattribute.




    This caused by a new attributes that have been create not being picked up when the value types are created. If you encounter this problem please report this to your support provider quoting Problem ID 5147.




    The solution to the problem is to import the attributes into the target database before importing the process. This is only required for the attribute referenced by value types in the process.