How To: Install the LANDESK Macintosh Agent for the First Time

Version 19

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x



    This article covers how to install the LDMS Mac Agent



    Steps to install:

    1. Open Safari or another browser
    2. Browse to http://<coreServerFQDN/ldlogon/mac
    3. Click the name of the agent configuration that you want to install
    4. Once the agent configuration has been downloaded run the installer (requires admin rights).


    Note: Once an agent is installed on a Mac all new agents can be pushed to the Macs just like Windows.






    • The Alternate Credentials for at least one administrative user need to be configured in the LANDesk Scheduler
      To add an alternate credential click in the 32bit console Configure -> Services -> (Scheduler tab) -> Change Login (button) -> Add (button)
    • The Remote Login feature (Under System preferences -> Sharing) need to be activated on the Mac OS


    Steps to install:


    1. Detect the Macintosh devices using Unmanaged Device Discovery (UDD)
    2. Drag the discovered device(s) to an agent configuration in the Agent Configuration GUI: this will trigger a Scheduled Job creation.
    3. Start the job.


    Note: After the installation of the agent the inventory scan is not run immediately as in a Windows device but a delay of 10 / 15 minutes will occur.