Error "The type initializer for ‘Touchpaper.Console.SnapInManager’ threw an exception" during Console login

Version 1

    When logging in to Cosnole the following error can appear stopping you from continuing:


    The type initializer for ‘Touchpaper.Console.SnapInManager’ threw an exception



    This error will occur when you do not have the sufficient write permissions on the folder Console is installed to (normally c:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LANDesk ServiceDesk).  On logging in for the first time a file called Snapin.config is created and if this cannot occur the application throws the error.



    Loosen security on the folder, or run Console as Administrator.  Unless you need to delete the Snapin.config file later on (normally when applying a patch or to troubleshoot another issue) then you do not nromally need this level of access so once logged in successfully for the first time you no longer need to allow such high access to the folder.



    Service Desk all versions