Error: "RunPatches ERROR: Download failed (80072f76)" when repairing vulnerability

Version 4


    Installing patches through LANDesk Patch Manager gives results "All patches failed".

    Vulscan.log file on the targeted machine shows an error of "RunPatches ERROR: Download failed (80072f76)"



    This return code can be given for one of the following reasons:


    1. The patch has not been downloaded for the associated Vulnerability

    2. Anonymous access has been turned off for the location




    The return code of 80072f76 The error code means "The requested header could not be found."


    1. From the Security and Patch Manager tool download all patches or patches for detected definitions.

    2. From within IIS Manager browse to the Web Sites\Default Web Site\LDLogon\Patch location.  Right mouse click and select Properties. Select the Directory Security tab.  Select the Edit button for "Enable Anonymous access".   Select the "Anonymous access" option and apply.