Installing SP1 for Windows 2008 or Windows 7 Breaks the LANDesk Console

Version 4


    After installing Server 2008 or Windows 7 SP1, the console will no longer open. The console hangs during the logon process


    Last line in the Console.exe.log file:

    03/16/2011 09:38:51 INFO 3804:Main Thread RollingLog : FormMain: OpenTool [ManagedPlanet.Utility.RCLauncher]



    Managed Planet



    Applied Managed Planet Patch or removing Managed Planet resolves the console login issues.


    If you have Managed Planet installed, you will need to contact Managed Planet to resolve the issue, they are aware of the issue and have the DLL file to resolve the issue.


    UPDATE: Please see the Managed Planet KB article 106 for a link to the patch.  This article will be updated as needed.