Recommended patches for Service Desk 7.4

Version 13

    Service Desk version 7.4 has had various patch fixes created for it.  While generally these are to fix specific issues and made available on request there are some that we recommend all customers are aware of.  This document may be updated with new or updated patches, to be notified of these please use the Receive email notifications action to the right of this document.


    Warning: These patches have not had full regression testing performed against them.  Before applying any patch to your live environment verify them on a test system.  If any issues are experienced after applying a patch roll back the change.  If you are in any doubt please contact your local support provider.


    Standalone patches

    In June 2011 a roll up patch was released (available in the section below).  The following recommended patches have been released since the roll up patch and assume you have already this applied.  To clarify - the following patches require the roll up patch to be applied first.  Please only apply these patches if their fix is required for your system.


    Web Access patches

    Fixes included in the attached file (last updated July 25th 2011):

    • 5230 - Adding two HTML fields to a window in Web Access causes the window to freeze when it is opened


    Fixes included in the attached file (last updated July 25th 2011):

    • 5154 - Slow performance when re-expanding dropdown lists with a large number of records in Web Access
    • 5237 - Write Once fields populated via a template appear Read Only in Web Access
    • 5280 - Applying the patch for 5003 does not resolve the problem on all attribute types


    Console patches

    There are no recommended Console patches since the roll up patch.


    The Roll Up Patch

    There is a patch available (June 2011) for Service Desk 7.4 which incorporates previously released patches and some additional new fixes.  We would recommend that all customers running 7.4 apply this patch.  Please read the patch notes carefully and ensure that it is applied to all the machines in your environment that will be affected.


    Download the roll up patch via the attached file


    The roll up patch includes the following fixes:


    Web Access fixes
    • 5096 - The scroll bars are not displayed on Self Service dashboard gadgets
    • 5124 - HTML fields incorrectly try to interpret any text that could be an HTML tag
    • 5102 - LDMS Desktop Manager actions should not be available in Self Service
    • 5134 - End Users can log in to Web Desk when using integrated login
    • 5113 - The audit trail is visible in Self Service
    • 5112 - HTML fields in Web Access do not display if the first tab at the bottom of the window has no results
    • 5163 – Web Access: Actions can be performed without checking mandatory fields are completed
    • 5180 – After deleting all text in a mandatory field in Web Access you can save, but then not redisplay the record
    • 5073 - Russian characters are lost on Web Desk shortcuts after modifying the properties
    • 4712 - WriteOnce does not take effect in Web Desk if the incident is saved and the field is blank
    • 5003 - WriteOnce functionality is inconsistent between Console and Web Desk when default values are set
    • 5050 - Lists created using direct lookup from external data sources (AD, ALM, Generic, LDMS only) will now show values in Web Desk
    • 4972 - When opening a CI from a IPC tab, all the CI records in the database are being loaded in Web Desk
    • 5181 - Article effectiveness does not work in Web Access


    Console fixes
    • 5169 - Outbound e-mails fail to send when not attached to a process (query results, CI Impact, invalid user, invalid ID…)
    • 5121 - When modifying optional actions for a second time, an object reference error is displayed in Process Designer
    • 5087 - Slow performance when re-expanding dropdown lists with a large number of records
    • 4826 - Grouping query results by date uses UTC not local time
    • 4989 and 5086 - Can't save records if a direct lookup attribute is populated using a copy rule
    • 5157 - Grouped queries show duplicate results when the criteria is based on a collection
    • 5077 - The keyboard  shortcut for paste (Control V) does not function in the Knowledge Search field
    • 5160 - Knowledge build mishandles collections causing incorrect results and extremely poor performance
    • 5085 – “There was an error generating the XML document" error when e-mailing query results with date criteria


    Note: Some users have reporting seeng error messages in Console after applying the roll up patch.  Please see this document for advice: "The type initializer for 'Touchpaper.Client.ClientPlatformManager' threw an exception" error in Console.