Unable to push new agents via a scheduled task

Version 3


    Error: 'The network is not present or not started' when deploying the Agent.

    Following error may be in the log file of the Scheduled Task:
    Operation failed] RemoteExecute, cmd /c mkdir C:\$ldcfg$;
    CBA 8 X509 operation : -2147481845 (8000070b8u) : Unable to contact the remote agent.
    NT File Sharing : 1222 (4c68u) : The network is not present or not started.
    Remote execute using TCP failed, result 0x0000057a (1402)

    The Scheduler Service on the Core Server does not have the right to access the client or create the temporary installation folder for the Agent which is $ldcfg$.


    The ADMIN$ file share is not accessible on the target machine.

    To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below:

    1) In the Console on the Core Server, open Configure > Services
    2) Click on the tab 'Scheduler'
    3) Click on 'Change Login'
    4) Enter an administrative account that has the rights to access and create the temporary installation folder on the clients.


    Ensure the ADMIN$ file share can be accessed on the affected machine from the core server.