Overview of the "Run as Administrator" option in the Remote Control Viewer.

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5

    A new option in the Remote Control Viewer option is "Run as Adminstrator" box, this was a feature we recently implemented at the request of our users.  Since the release of Windows Vista and Windows 7 use of "local system" credentials has been restricted, this was our attempt to create a way for our users to continue using Remote Control in a way that previous Microsoft OSes allowed us.


    Essentially this allows Remote Control operators to peform tasks in the Remote Control "run" box as system as they have in previous Microsoft OSes.  It will have no effect in OSes previous to Windows Vista and only effects the "run" box itself (which in located in the toolbar of the Remote Control Viewer) and it only runs commands executed in this box to run with "local system" credentials.  It will not run a command as any account other than "local system".