LDMS 9.0 - LANDesk Help Wizards

Version 1

    LANDesk Help Wizards in LDMS 9.0


    There four wizards in LANDesk Management Suite 9.0, they are


    - Getting Started

    - Discovering and Installing Agents

    - Security Updates

    - User Management


    Those wizards are accessable through the Console > Help > LANDesk Help Wizards.



    Those wizards are stored in the database, specifically in the table KEYVALUE. The wizards can have the following values in the database (columns: KeyName and StringValue)


    KeyName                                 StringValue

    NeverShowCheckBox               checked / unchecked

    WizardState                              done / visited


    checked: the wizard will not show again

    done: wizard completed (each of the steps, will not show again)

    visited: wizard was started, some steps completed, and there are still some steps not yet completed