Need to increase Incident Title string length

Version 3



    Want to increase the Incident Title attribute length to -1 as now we recieve inbound emails with large summaries that get truncated when incident created.




    You cannot change the length of this attribute as it is a system attribute that is predefined in the database. It has been changed in 7.4 to length 255.


    You could create a new summary attribute with a different length on the process or incident object and use this instead.


    Then add in the new Summary field on to the Incident window. Create a template where you can fill in the original title field (as this is mandatory).


    Set up inbound mail to use the new template for all new Incidents and change the mapping to map the subject to the new Summary field.


    Change any existing templates to populate the new summary.


    Change any existing reports and queries to show new summary.