WebAccess History Panel cannot be expanded

Version 5


    Webdesk or SelfService 7.4

    Review Date:



    The history panel or sidebar in WebAccess cannot be expanded once it has been collapsed.



    This was raised as Problem 5123, The issue is arising due to a setting that is put in the user preference profile of having the panel collapsed, which then prevents the panel from re-expanding. There is a workaround for this which is a SQL script. The script deletes the entry from the profile for all users but as this can occur again, it would advisable to run this as a stored procedure which then allows the user to expand the panel again.


    SQL statement to reset pane below:

    delete from tps_user_preference where tps_system_preference_guid = 
    (select tps_guid from tps_system_preference where tps_name = 'IsHistoryVisible') ;


    NOTE: In order for a row to be created in the tps_user_preference table, the user must have create privilege on Modules - System - Non-Process Related Object - User Preference. Without this privilege, the history panel should re-appear when the user's session has expired.


    This problem was fixed in version 7.5