How to set up a Preferred Server in IIS 7.5

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    This procedure can be used to set up a web repository with anonymous access for software distribution/Preferred Server using IIS 7.5


    1. Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
    2. Server name > sites, then right click the "Default Web Site" > "Add virtual directory" and fill in the name and the path to the directory to be shared
    3. After the virtual directory appears under the Default web site tree, right click on it > edit permissions > Security > edit
    4. Add:  the local IUSR, ANONYMOUS LOGON and NETWORK SERVICE they need at least "Read" and "List folder contents" rights
    5. Switch to feature view, in the central pane double click "directory browsing" and click "enable" under the action pane on the right   (Be sure your newly created virtual directory is highlighted)
    6. In Features View, double-click Authentication > On the Authentication page, select Anonymous Authentication.
    7. In the Actions pane, click Edit to set the security principal under which anonymous users will connect to the site.
    8. In the Edit Anonymous Authentication Credentials dialog box, select one of the following options:
    •   Specific user, ( IUSR )
    • Application pool identity, if you want IIS processes to run by using the account that is currently specified on the property page for the application pool. By default, this is the Network Service account.

    If you use the Network Service account, you grant anonymous users all the internal network access associated with that account.


    DO NOT convert the Virtual folder to an application folder



    If you are using IIS 7, please visit: HTTP Repository for SWD in IIS7


    If you are creating this virtual directory to a location that is off-core (such as a NAS server) your HTTP Redirect settings in IIS should not be set to point to the source of the directory. This will cause a loop and the HTTP directory will not resolve.

    Please also review this document: How To: Distribute Software via CSA