LDLogs.exe causing several issues after applying March MCP's on LDMS 9.0 SP2

Version 6

    Some of the March MCP's include an update to LDLogs.exe.


    In Windows XP this will cause a error message to show to users.

    In Windows 7 it will use 100% CPU.



    This issue is fixed in the April's SD / CORE MCP.



    If installing the latest MCP is not a possibility there is a workaround that is to go back to a backup of the previous version of LDLogs.exe.


    The file shoud be restored to the \\CORESERVER\ldlogon folder so that any new installed agents contain this version of ldlogs.exe.


    Then the file can be distributed to affected devices by creating and pushing a script with the following.



    REMEXEC1=%WINDIR%\system32\taskkill /T /IM ldlogs.exe