Cannot delete items from a reference list

Version 2



    I have a reference list called XXXX in ServiceDesk. I am trying to delete some items from the list but when I select them and click Delete XXXX from the actions pane I get the following error box titled Administration- XXXX: Unhandled Exception Click continue or quit. Unable to cast object of Type Touchpaper.console.Snapln.PURG.Reference Tree to type Touchpaper.console.Snapln.Purge.Category Tree.




    The reference list will have been created with hard deletion type and the error message is coming up because you are trying to delete a reference that has been used and is referenced elsewhere.


    The error message is actually incorrect as it should give an SQL constraint error with an ok button.


    You can only delete the reference if you remove anywhere that reference has been referenced.


    This has been raised as Problem 4117 and has been fixed in version 7.4




    ServiceDesk 7.3.2