Rollup Core Troubleshooting information (DBRollup.exe)

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5

    Brief description:

    Rollup core servers take the information directly from a client database and insert it into the rollup core server's database. These can be on the same database server. To do this it uses a linked server in the rollup core server's database to connect directly to the remote core's database.



    The only supported method of logging into a rollup core server is by using the web console. . 32bit consoles are not supported, but they can connect to the rollup core and usually work.




    If users are rolling up a lot of data or the connection is slow create the following dword on the core server:


    set the value to a high number, for example 1800.



    Users can create the following dword to log rollup tasks.

    HKLM\Software\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Core\rollup log

    Make sure that rollup log is lower case and set the value to 1.

    The log file will be called Rollup_LinkName.log and will be located in the folder where dbrollup.exe was run from. So if users run it from the start menu it will be in the root of the users folder (ie c:\documents and settings\UserName) or if they run it manually from the managementSuite folder than the log will show up there.



    Adding cores:

    When adding a new core server, it initialy connects to the registry of the core server and reads the database connection information. The Remote Registry service needs to be running and users need permissions to HKLM\Software\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Core\Connections\Local key.


    If you run into any problems adding a core server, try unchecking the box for Attach Certificate. As of 8.7 SP3 the certificates don't need to be rolled up anymore.



    General things to check:

    Make sure that the rollup core and the remote core server are the same LDMS version and service pack. Try copying datamart.xml files from cores that work to cores that don't and then run the coredbutil program.


    If users are seeing the error "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'keyname'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'tableName' this is because the core server being rolled up and the rollup core are not on the same version or servicepack. Even if the rollup core server is installed from a fully patched core, those same patches must be applied to the rollup core once it is installed. The rollup core installation does not include any patches, even if the core server from whence it came was patched.


    Check that you have the attributes rolling up that you want.

    Select your rollup core from the drop down menu and then click the attributes button, make sure you are including all of the items that you want to rollup. The patch data is not inlcuded by default.


    Make sure that your database connection works. On your Rollup core server's database server run the following command to confirm connectivity to the remote core's database:

    SELECT count(*) FROM

    (dbo may change if the tables have been aliased to another user)


    Make sure that the remote core server's database information is correct in the database. Check the metasystem table and confirm that the values.


    Make sure that your remote core's are activated. The rollup core will not let you log into the web console unless you have activated a core that has been rolled up.