Query machines that have not rebooted in x number of days!

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    LANDESK Management Suite 9.6LANDESK Management Suite 9.0 and Older

    Where can I find when a computer was last booted?


    There is an Inventory record that you can use to create a Query or Report to show machines that have not been rebooted. The inventory item is:

    Computer > OS >  Last Start Up Time


    To create a query showing machines that haven't rebooted in for more than 7 days.


    1. Choose the Inventory item on the left side Computer > OS > Last Start Up Time

    2. Next choose the < in the middle field.

    3. Type the following entry into the field that lets you specify a value:

    4. Add this to the query and it should look like:
      "Computer"."OS"."Last Start Up Time" <"GetDate()-7" 


    5. Save the query and each time that you run it, it will show you computers that haven't rebooted in the last 7 days.


    What if I want to force a reboot of machines that show up in this query?

    Following Step 5:
    1. Create a reboot task in the Patch Manager Tool.


    2. Drop the query onto this task.

    3. Set this up as a rotating scheduled push.

    4. Every time the scheduled push runs (preferably at night to keep from interrupting work) the query will refresh and only reboot machines that haven't rebooted in the last 7 days.