How can I test an oledb connection to the database connects ok?

Version 5

    Sometimes it might be useful to prove that a machine can connect ok to the database outside of the LANDesk products.  For example, when you run a Crystal report within the console application the database connection is established on the machine where you are running it (whereas console will connect to a TPS on the server and the server will connect to a database).  Below is one way which this can be tested:


    1. Create a new text file.  Perhaps you can call it testconnection.txt
    2. Rename the file to have a .udl extension (this creates a universal data link file).  For example testconnection.udl.  I have attached a .udl file for you to download if you prefer.
    3. Double-click on the file which will open the Data Link Properties.
    4. On the provider tab select the appropriate driver that you used when setting the database connections on your report.  For example for SQL Server select: Microsoft OLEDB for SQL Server.
    5. Click on the Connection tab.
    6. Type in the server name, use a specific user name and password (same as defined in your crystal report), then select the database.
    7. Click the Test Connection button.