About Windows PE Drivers - Tools to view driver information

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.6

    Windows PE is stripped of most of Windows components so we will need to use some external applications to get this information.


    • DriverView - This tool will show you all drivers that are currently loaded in WinPE



    • DevManView - This will work as an alternative to Windows device  manager, it will allow you to see all your devices like the NIC and what driver it is using.



    To access these tools from WinPE you will need to copy them locally using one of the following methods, also you will need to have basic knowledge of how to work with the Windows command line tool,


    1. Use the File Transfer option of Remote Control to copy the files to the X:\ drive of the device.
    2. Place the files in a network share and connect to it from WinPE



       3.  If the problem is related to the NIC and there is no network connection then you will need to include the files directly in to the image.

    This document will provide instructions on how to modify the WinPE image.



    NOTE: Make sure to unzip the files before copying them to WinPE.