Remote Control ERROR: "Unable to find the remote control web service on [CORENAME]"

Version 5




    ERROR: "Unable to find the remote control web service on CORENAME"




    *Where CORENAME is the host name or IP address of the core server.




    Integrated security.














    1) The remote consoles cannot establish a TCP connection to the Core Server using TCP port 443. This port may be blocked by any of the following:



    • Firewall settings on the Core Server

    • Network devices such as a firewall, router filter, or intrusion detection device

    • Third party firewall and security software on the agent




    2) If this same error occures on the core server, then most likely ASP .NET 2.0 is set as primary in IIS












    1) Open any ports and allow for SSL traffic to the core.









    2) Open IIS and modify the properties of the default website.

    Click the ASP .NET tab, select 1.1 from the dropdown and apply.

    On the Core Server run from a command prompt;

    %windir%\\framework\v.1.1.4322\aspnet_regiis.exe –i



    Re-establish remote control.