LANDesk Patch News Bulletin: Wireshark Version 1.6.1 is Available 19-JUL-2011

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    • (July 19, 2011) Wireshark has released version 1.6.1.The following vulnerabilities have been fixed. See the security advisory for details and a workaround.


    • The Lucent/Ascend file parser was susceptible to an infinite loop.


    • Versions affected: 1.2.0 to 1.2.17, 1.4.0 to 1.4.7, and 1.6.0.


    • CVE-2011-2597


    • The ANSI MAP dissector was susceptible to an infinite loop. (Bug 6044)


    • Versions affected: 1.4.0 to 1.4.7, and 1.6.0.


    • The following bugs have been fixed:


    • TCP dissector doesn't decode TCP segments of length 1. (Bug 4716)


    • wireshark 1.4.0rc1 and python - spurious message. (Bug 4878)


    • Missing LUA function. (Bug 5006)


    • Lua API description about creating a new Tvb from a bytearray is not correct in wireshark's user guide. (Bug 5199)


    • Character echo pauses in Capture Filter field in Capture Options. (Bug 5356)


    • White space in protocol field abbreviation causes runtime failure while registering Lua dissector. (Bug 5569)


    • "File not found" box uses wrong filename encoding. (Bug 5715)


    • capinfos: #ifdef HAVE_LIBGCRYPT block includes a line too many . (Bug 5803)


    • Wireshark crashes if Lua contains "Pref.range()" with missing arguments. (Bug 5895)


    • The "range" field in Lua's "Pref.range()" serves as default while the "default" field does nothing . (Bug 5896)


    • Wireshark crashes when calling TreeItem:set_len() on TreeItem without tvb. (Bug 5941)


    • TvbRange_string(lua_State* L) call a wrong function. (Bug 5960)


    • VoIP call flow graph displays BICC APM as a BICC ANM. (Bug 5966)


    • Cannot Live-capture VirtualBox network packets with Wireshark; pipe problem. (Bug 6002)


    • Interface list in Capture Options isn't cleared when selecting other host. (Bug 6008)


    • H323 rate multiplier wrong. (Bug 6009)


    • Inclusion of config.h is too late in lex-files resulting in wrong definition of _FILE_OFFSET_BITS. (Bug 6012)


    • tshark crashes when loading Lua script that contains GUI function. (Bug 6018)


    • 802.11 Disassociation Packet's "Reason Code" field is imprecisely decoded/described. (Bug 6022)


    • Wireshark crashes when setting custom column's field name with conditional. (Bug 6028)


    • Crash after applying "expert.severity" field as column. (Bug 6035)


    • GTS Descriptor count limited to 3 instead of 7. (Bug 6055)


    • The SSL dissector can not resemble correctly the frames after TCP zero window probe packet. (Bug 6059)


    • Packet parser takes too long for this trace. (Bug 6073)


    • The SSL dissector can not resemble correctly the frames after TCP zero window probe packet. (Bug 6059)


    • Wireshark crashes after repeating "File -> Import -> Cancel". (Bug 6080)


    • Decoding of MQ ASCII and EBCDIC Traffic Flow - ASCII shows fine, EBCDIC does not. (Bug 6084)


    • 802.11 Association Response Packet's "Status Code" field is imprecisely decoded/described. (Bug 6093)


    • Abis interface not correctly handled in gsmtap dissector. (Bug 6097)


    • Wrong decoding of RLC/MAC EGPRS Packet Downlink Ack/Nack (3GPP TS 44.060). (Bug 6098)


    • CSN Ack/Nack Description wrongly handled in gsm_rlcmac_dl dissector (3GPP TS 44.060). (Bug 6101)


    • wireshark 1.6.0 and python support: installer fails to create the wspy_dissectors subdirectory and . (Bug 6110)


    • Wireshark crash during RTP stream analysis. (Bug 6120)


    • Tshark custom columns: Why don't I get an error message? (Bug 6131)




    New Vulnerabilities

    • Vulnerability ID – WIRESHARKv1.6.1


    Changed Vulnerabilities

    • Vulnerability ID – WIRESHARKv1.6.0 (Added the replacement information.)



    New Patch Downloads

    • wireshark-win32-1.6.1.exe
    • wireshark-win64-1.6.1.exe


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