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    Web Console for LANDESK Management Suite

    The Web Console is an http based LANDESK console. The web console lacks many of the features and powers that the 32-bit console has as it was designed to be portable, easy to install, and serve basic IT functions. The web console can be loaded by pointing a web browser to the following location on a core server:


    Initial Install and Configuration

    The web console is installed by default on the core server and should be ready to go once the core is up and running. An Off-Core Web Console server is available to help off-load demand on the core server and will require a separate install. The Off-Core will also need to be patched separately. Configuration of the web console is performed automatically during install.


    Additional Options and Information

    Performance enhancements are often requested of the web console. However, most optimization has already been done in LANDesk 9.0. If the web console is slow then temporary files on the core, core performance (cpu and disk), and database server performance should be checked. It is possible to isolate applications to their own application pool however due to dependencies and other factors this should only be done by a LANDesk Support Engineer.


    Notice: Any E-Learning content is available by default to Members who have a minimum support agreement at Professional level.


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