Assignment notifications are being sent to all role members even when role wasn't selected on the assignment

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    An assignment was made to a user within Web Desk and the "Notify Assignee" option was checked.  Assignment notifications went out to all users who had the same role applied.



    There is a filter supplied on the OOTB database which will restrict the list of roles based on the user selected.  This will show the list of roles that have been applied to that user once you have selected the user to assign to.  If you make the assignment on Web Desk, your assignment window has role on it (or you haven't made any window available to web access so role will be automatically added for you), the user that you select has just the one role applied, and the "notify assignee" option is checked then all analysts who have that role applied will get a notification message.



    This is being raised as problem reference 5301.  Two possible workarounds are:


    • Ensure that Role isn't on the Assignment window and the window is made available to Web Access via Window Manager.
    • Remove the filter off the process.process assignment.role attribute in Object Designer.


    If you are experiencing this problem, please contact your LANDESK Support provider and quote problem 5301