Troubleshooting problems with publishing the Service Catalogue - Step by Step Guide

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    This article assumes that you have read through the Service Catalogue manual Chapter 2 "Maintaining the Service Catalogue" (a link to the 7.4 manual is here and the section that you want is pages 12 to 33).  If you have already run through this, and still can't see your Service Catalogue contents here is a quick reference guide of what to check next:


    Step 1 - Is your object and attributes set to be included in Service Catalogue?

    In Object Designer, look at the Configuration Management - Configuration Item (top level) object and check that the "Requestable" Behaviour has been set.  NOTE: This Behaviour is not available to be set on all objects. 

    Also check that the Knowledge Management attribute on the object is set to either Knowledge or Service Catalogue.  Ensure that the attributes that you want to be searched on within the Service Catalogue are set to a Search Type of Is Natural Language.


    Step 2 - Have you made your items available?

    Items will be made available to the logged in user within the Service Catalogue:

    • If they are defined as a part of the Service Catalogue contents.
    • If they are defined as Business Services - see an explanation about this here
    • If they are published to the user, group, or role that the user is a member of.
    • They are set to a request type of "Multple Instances".


    • If they are set to a request type of "Request Once" and the user has not already raised a fulfilled request for them.


    • If they are set to a request type of "Request Once" and there is not already a link between the user via user / CI linking.


    Step 3 - Have you built your catalogue index?


    Your Service Catalogue is built into a Lucene index by the Touchpaper Services Background Services windows service.  Customers who use Knowledge will be familar with this, however customers who aren't may find it useful to have a look at this overview of Lucene architecture here.


    In order to check if your Service Catalogue build has been processed, go into the Knowledge Management Administration component.  On the Knowledge Settings tab look at the Queue Entries.  On the index column this will indicate if an update is being processed for Knowledge or Service Catalogue.  Check to see if the Service Catalogue entries have been marked as Completed.  If so, double-click on them and a report should be displayed which indicates how many of each object type was added into the build.




    Even if all the entries in here show as completed, you might want to consider selecting the "Rebuild Service Catalogue" option under Building Settings if you are experiencing problems with your Service Catalogue results.  NOTE:  If you have a very large Service Catalogue you may want to consider doing this in a less busy period of the day.


    Step 4 - Has your catalogue index build been created and in the right place?

    This document shows you where the Lucene build will be created (under the Configuration section).  You need to also ensure that Web Access is pointing to the same location too.  The account that is running the Touchpaper Services Background Services windows service needs to be able to create a folder and files in this location too.  If this has been successful you will see a folder called \service_catalogue_index with some files (segments*) within it.


    Step 5 - Have your users been given the correct privileges?

    In order to be able to see any items within the Service Catalogue, you need to ensure that your users have been given at least read access to them.  This is likely to be within Asset Management - Non Process Related - Service and Configuration Management - Non Process Related - Catalogue Hierarchy and Configuration Item.  The users will also need privileges to create requests and read items related to the request.  They may also need execute privileges on request reminders and assignments if these are automatically created by your process.


    If you can see the items in the Service Catalogue but they don't display in the way you want or get the right options to request them:


    Here is a document containing the above plus additional FAQs for the Service Catalogue.