Can I export all Notes to Excel? (Or any Collection from IPC)

Version 3



    I want to see a list of all Incident Notes in our System and I want them in an excel spread sheet, how do I do this?





    You can extract the Notes from Incidents by, for example, creating a Query.

    You will need to create the Query on the Note Object as according to below screenshot:




    On the Attribute Page you select what columns you want to see in the spread sheet.

    You can get the Incicent's Reference Number added as a column by adding the "Incident.Reference Number" Attribute


    attribute page.JPG



    You can select to have any prompts criteria added if you for example would like to search for one particular Incident's Notes.

    This is added on from the Criteria page. Expand Incident and drag on Reference Number, then tick the "Prompt user to specify value"


    criteria prompt.JPG


    If your version is 7.3 or later you can also choose to Group your Query, for example by Reference Number to get all Notes belonging to the same Incident to group together.


    Once ou have run the Query you can choose to export the result to an excel spread sheet by clicking the "Export Query Result" in the Actions Panel.




    This can be applied to any Collection and not only Notes. If you do this for another Collection then please remember to choose this Object when you are creating your Query. For example for Reminders you would choose: Incident Management - Reminder and for Assignments you would choose: Incident Management - Assignments.