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    LANDESK Management Suite 2016.x

    Software Distribution for Ivanti Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security

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    The articles listed below are applicable to Ivanti Management Suite 2017, 2016.3, 2016 and 9.6


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    General InformationInitial Install and Configuration

    Product Help Locations

    IEM 2017.3 | IEM 2017.1 | LDMS 2016 | LDMS 9.6

    Momentum On-Demand Webinars

    About new features and changes in Software Distribution in EPM 2017.3

    E-Learning - Software Distribution

    What's New in Software Distribution LDMS 2016
    About Task Status Scrubber
    Introducing Rollout Projects LDMS 2016
    How To: Get Started Using the New Rollout Projects Tool for Software Distribution

    How to Configure a Preferred Package Server

    How to set up an HTTP share for a Preferred Package Share

    Using LANDesk Content Replication

    Best known methods to configure and use Fuse

    Best Known Methods for Installing Office 365 Click-to-Run



    Additional Options and Information

    Troubleshooting this Component

    About Distribution and Patch Bandwidth Throttling (Advanced)

    How to keep files in the SDMCACHE directory for a longer period of time

    SDCLIENT.EXE Command Line Switches

    Understanding Batch File Distribution Packages

    Working With Registry Keys in a Batch File

    How to use Reboot Settings

    Time Zone Aware Targeting for Distribution Tasks

    Whats new for LDMS 9.6 SP1 Software Distribution

    Scheduled Tasks and Diagnostics Utility



    How to troubleshoot Download Failures in Software Distribution (Advanced)

    How to troubleshoot Software Distribution Tasks - Core Side (Advanced)

    How to quickly troubleshoot a Software Distribution job.

    The Scheduler Service stops after each completed task

    Troubleshooting "Failed to download additional files"

    Advanced Install and troubleshoot Fuse


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