How to add a drop-down menu to a window

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    Service Desk 7.8.x


    There are several different data entry types you can use in a window.  To add a new value to an object for most of them it is as simple as adding a new attribute to the object then adding that attribute to the window.  For drop down menu's there a few more steps.  This article will review them.  In this article we will use the incident object as an example.  The steps may not necessarily be in the most optimized order, but I will try to follow a path that will be easier for people newer to service desk to understand. The drop down menu we will create will have a set of values users can choose from.  This set needs to come from a separate object that has been pre-populated and linked to the current object.


      First create the new object

    Open Object Designer Right click on the incident section and create a new object

    When it asks if you want to give it a special attribute choose yes

    Choose the option to create a Ranked list and click OK

    Give the new object a name.  For this example we will call it Ticket Type

    Right click on the object and create a new attribute

    Call it title and set the length to 255

    Set the isName attribute to True

    Save the object


      Next set the permissions for the new object

    Decide which roles and/or groups should have access to this new object

    Open the Administration tool

    For each role and/or group do the following:


    Locate the Role or Group and right click on it and choose Priveleges

    When the new window opens drill down to Modules -> Incident Managament -> Non-Process Related Objects

    Double click on Non-Process Related Objects
    Locate the new object that was created and assign at least read permissions

    If the role or group is an administrative one then create, update and delete permissions should be added


    The next step is to populate the values in this object.  To do this we need to create a window for the object so we can do the data entry.  Then we need to do the data entry.


      Create a new window

    Open the Window Manager tool

    Drill down to the Incident object and then find theTicket Type object underneath it

    Right click on Ticket Type and choose New Window

    In the Window Designer window click on Title on the left side then click on the window on the right side, it should add the title field to the window

    Click on the Rank field on the left side and then click on the window on the right side to add it

    Arrange the fields the way you want

    Save the new window


      Populate the data

    Open the Administration tool

    Click on the tab for Ordered Lists

    Expand Incident Management

    Right click on Ticket Type and choose New Ticket Type

    Type in a value for the ticket type and save the new ticket type

    Repeat the last two steps until all the values have been added for the drop down menu

    The next step is to link this object/dropdown menu to the

    Incident object.


      Linking objects

    Open the Object Designer

    Expand the Incidents section

    Drag the Ticket Type object on top of the Incident object

    When it asks if you want to access all instances of Incident from Ticket Type choose No

    Now that the Incident object has a link to the Ticket Type the new attribute needs to be added to the window so that users can choose from the drop down menu


      Adding values to windows

    Open Window Manager

    Expand the Incident Management section

    Expand the incident object

    Double Click on the Incident window below it

    Click on the Ticket Type attribute on the left side

    Click on the window on the right side to add it

    Move it to wherever you want

    Save the window


    Now when you open a new incident it will have the drop down menu in it.  This menu is populated from the object that you created.  You can add/remove values from the dropdown menu using the Administration tool.