How to: Have related fields show valid information for the Analyst in helping to log their Incident

Version 2

    When an Analyst logs a new Incident, you might want to make sure that the Analyst is asking the customer for all the needed information in order to quickest proceed with the Incident.

    So that you don't have to print out a paper for the Analyst to look at, you can easily get all the questions to show on the incident window itself, even though you might have different questions depending on, for example, the selected Category or Product.



    To set this up.

    I will in this example use the Incident Category drop down list to decide what questions to show.


    1. Open up Object Designer and go to Incident Management. Double click to load the Category Object.

    Choose to create a new Attribute, make it a String -1 and name it "Questions"

    Save Object Designer.


    object designer.JPG


    2. Go to Window Manager and open the Incident.Category window up.

    Add the new Attribute that you created on to the window.

    Save WIndow Manager.


    window manager.JPG

    3. Open the Administration Component and go to the Category section.

    Open the relevant Category and type in the relevant Querstions / Information in the Questions field.




    4. Go to Window Manager and open your Incident window that your Analysts are seeing when they log an Incident.

    In the Attribute list expand Category and drag the "Questions" Attribute on to the window.

    Save Window Manager

    incident window.JPG



    Now when your Analyst logs an Incident, when they select the Categegory "Hardware", they will see the questions you added in to the Question field.


    incident window logging.JPG




    If the Questions Attribute isn't populating when you select your Category, please see this article.