Some provisioning alerts appears with a wrong date/time in the LANDesk Alert log

Version 2


    If you use the Provisioning alerts you may notice that the time of some of these alerts it is not exact. This affects the alerts generated while the system is in the WinPe environment.





    The WinPE time zone setting is predefined and it is set to Pacific Standard Time. This is perfectly fine if you leave in that time zone but causes that the time of the alerts generated during the WinPE phase are related to this time zone.

    When the Provisioning will run in the OS phase this will not happen anymore because the alert time will follow the time zone set in the OS.




    If you have the need to have exact times reported back from alerting in the WinPE phase you can follow run the script attached to this article.

    You need to be administrator and the script needs to sun locally on the core server.

    As for every script / procedure revise it carefully before to launch it!

    If you are not sure please take time to make a backup of the core (or a snapshot if this is virtual) before to proceed.

    The changes that this script will do are not ''massive'' or critical and will even make a copy of the boot.wim file before to proceed with the changes.


    After running the script you will need to redeploy the PXE proxies or copy the boot.wim that is located in %LDMS_HOME%\landesk\vboot\boot.wim of the core server to the C:\Program Files\LANDesk\PXE\System\images\boot  of the PXE proxy(ies).




    The script will change the Time Zone of the image to W. Europe Standard Time

    If you need to change to another time zone you need to edit the script and to modify the value of the variable TARGETTZ

    The script before to proceed will show the Time Zone setting of your core; you may want to match that setting.