How to create a stay-resident Remote Control Only Agent for Ivanti EPM Cloud Appliance clients

Version 9


    How to create a resident remote control agent on LDMG clients that do not have/need a standard agent.




    Download the agent cab file from a management gateway.

    1. Go to http://gatewayname
    2. Click tools or utilities
    3. Click support tools
    4. Click and save LANDesk remote assistance agent (cab)


    Steps to install a resident Remote Control Agent


    1. Copy the contents of the cab to anywhere on the target resident client pc.
      (For Example C:\Program Files\LANDesk\RCAgent)
    2. From a run prompt run the following command:

      issuser.exe /resident /b /lBROKERADDRESS

      (For example issuser.exe /resident /b /

      This will install the service to windows

      NOTE: no space after the /l (l= lower case L)

      You will need to type the full path to the ISSUSER.exe file.


    To uninstall use the following command:



    Issuser.exe /remove


    This will uninstall the service AND delete all of the files from the machine.


    Note: If the issuser command line is run incorrectly or if changes are needed to an existing resident agent, run the remove command and then re run the resident command line as shown above.


    Advanced Settings


    Security Type:
    Choose whether to use NO security (Local Template) or NT Security
    • If NT security is desired then a /y2 is needed at the end of the command line, by default it is local template.
    • If Integrated security is desired then a /y9 is needed at the end of the command line.
      You can change this at any time by modifying the security type registry key then restarting the RC agent service
      hklm/software/intel/landesk/wuser32 - Security type dword
      If you use NT security the remote controlling users must be in the “HDAllowed Operators” local NT group



    If you configure your Cloud Appliance users with Organizations other than * because you only want them to be able to see machines of a specific Org in the RCViewer, see the example below.
    In this example we only want our client to be seen by Users with the Severs Organization on the Gateway.
    issuser.exe /b /oServers /lGatewayName
    Example using all switches
    issuser.exe /b /oServers /lGatewayName -y9