Reduce 32 Bit Console Memory Usage

Version 5

    Reduce 32 Bit Console Memory Usage



    The LANDesk 32 bit Console has never been a lightweight in terms of memory usage. It seems to always be a topic of discussion in the forums.  I believe most LANDesk administrators leave the Console running most of the day, and in my environment I’ve seen the Console consume well over 200+Mbs of memory depending on what function I’m performing.



    One thing I noticed about the Console is the way it uses memory. Viewing all devices consumes a good chunk of memory depending on your column set and number of devices.  I have over 7,000 devices on one of my cores and displaying all devices consumes 100 mbs of memory. If you are like me you want to conserver every byte. I accidentally noticed that simply minimizing the Console drastically reduces the amount of memory the Console uses.






    So if you want to save some memory and you are not using the Console - minimize. I’ve also had luck simply minimizing and maximizing the Console to reclaim some memory.



    This works in my environment – XPSP2 and 8.7 SP3, however, as always your results may be different.