Frequently Asked Questions / Landing Pages For Ivanti Products

Version 48


    What are these landing pages for?

    The Landing Pages were created as a means for Ivanti users to learn about the different Components in the Ivanti Products.  Our desire is for these pages to be a place where you can learn about each component's setup and troubleshooting methods as well as additional actions you can take to get more out of your Ivanti Product.'




    IT Asset Management

    Asset Lifecycle and Process Manager


    IT Service Management

    Ivanti Service Desk, powered by Landesk

    Reporting and Analytics

    Ivanti Insight, Powered by AppSense


    Ivanti Xtraction for Patch for Windows Servers & Workstations, powered by Shavlik




    Security Products

    Ivanti Empower, powered by Shavlik


    Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager, powered by Landesk


    Ivanti Patch for SCCM, powered by Shavlik


    Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers, powered by Shavlik


    Ivanti Patch for Windows Workstations, powered by Shavlik


    Supply Chain




    Ivanti Endpoint Manager, Powered by LANDESK