Crystal Reports - The table could not be found.

Version 7


    When trying to run a report you receive the following error:






    This can be caused by having a table owner mismatch between the attribute in the report and the table in the database.




    On SQL Server, we recommend that the table owner for all LDSD tables be kept as "dbo".  If this has been changed for some reason you can change the owner back to "dbo" by running the attached script "INIT - Fix object owner".


    Just running the above may fix the problem, however if it doesn't, the next step should.


    You will need to open the report in Crystal and find the affected table in Field Explorer.  Right Click the table, and select "Set Datasource Location...".  Expand the tree beneath the affected table, and view its properties:




    Notice that the Owner is set to "Touchpaper", when really it should be "dbo".  Change this by updating/replacing the table, either from the correct data source in "Current Connections", or by creating a new connection in the "Replace with:" section.  Once you find your table, highlight it in both the Current Data Source and Replace With sections, then click the "Update" button.


    For information on how to do this, please see this article: