Background search being invoked- can cause performance issue and how to disable it

Version 4


    When typing into a field or moving from field to another, the background invoke search is started which we do not need.  The screen can freeze up for a few seconds when the background search is invoked.


    KB search.jpg




    Some attributes can be set to be Knowledgeable, like Description and Summary Fields.  The option available are End of Word, Punctuation Change, LoseFocus, White Space.  It has been seen that even though these are value are set to false on a attribute, the background search is still invoked.  This is a GUI error causing mismatch between what value is set in the DB compared to the front end.


    KB properties.jpg





    You can either go on each individual attribute and check if the background knowledge invoke search is switched on and set these to false but as mentioned above, these can occasionally be incorrect.  Run the attached script against the DB which will identify all the windows that has an attribute set to have the knowledge invoke search switched on. You will then need to go into the relevant window, set it to true, save and then set it to false again.


    Please see article for further information regarding performance issue this feature can cause