I can not see the Dashboard that I'm using in Web Desk in the Dashboard Designer in Console.

Version 3



    I have a Dashboard that I'm using in Web Desk. But if I go in to Console and Dashboard Designer I cannot find that this Dashboard.





    Any Dashboard which has been created directly in WebAccess will not show up in Console. Any Dashboard that you create in Console will exist in Console only unless you select to make it available in WebAccess as well.


    If you create a Dashboard in Console and make it available for WebAccess it will in the Database copy the Dashboard and create a new identical one for WebAccess. So in the database you will have two, one for Console and one for WebAccess.

    Please note that if you after you have made a Dashboard available in WebAccess modify it from within Console you have to make it available to WebAccess again to make the changes come through in the WebAccess version.


    A Dashboard that has been created in WebAccess can only be modified and used in WebAccess.