Devices disappearing from console

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    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    The issue is generally caused by a misconfiguration in LANDesk.


    LANDesk removes a device from the database  - and as a consequence from the network view – in two ways.


    Reason 1:

    The device has been recognized as a duplicate device and therefore it will be removed.

    To configure the settings related to duplicate device discovery please refer to the following article:


    Explanation of how to use the "Devices" and "Duplicate ID's" option for Inventory, and how they work.


    Reason 2:

    The device did not send in an inventory scan during the configured period of time and therefore LANDesk deleted it from the database.

    This period of time can be configured in “Win32 Console” > ”Configure” > “Services” > “Inventory” Tab > “Days to keep inventory scans” field.


    Inventory scans to keep.jpg

    For example, let us say that this value is set on 1 day. This setting will result in the deletion of every device from the database that did not send an inventory scan to the core server in the last 24 hours. Setting this option to zero,  disables this feature so inventory scans are kept indefinitely.


    As you configure this setting, please also check the agent configuration of the problematic device.

    When you set up this value please also have a look on the following settings in agent configuration:


    “Win32 Console” > “Tools” > “Configuraton” > “Agent Configuration” (Please open the agent configuration that is applied to the disappearing device) > “Standard LANDesk agent” > “Inventory Scanner” > “Run Inventory Scans” field


    Inventory scan agent setting.jpg


    There are two options here that you can configure. “Event-driven” scans and “Schedule–driven” scans.


    “Event-driven” scan configuration is quite self-explanatory. An inventory scan will be launched on the device if a user logs in or when the IP address of the device changes or in both cases depending on the applied settings.


    To access the configuration dialog of the “Scheduled-driven” scans, please click on the “Change settings…” button.


    You can configure in the “Scheduled Inventory scans” dialog that how often and when a scheduled inventory scan will be launched on the device.


    For example, if you set the “Repeat after” setting in the “Time” field on “None”, the device will not send any inventory scan to the core on a scheduled basis. This could result in the deletion of the device from the database if a value (other than zero) has been defined in the “Days to keep inventory scans” field, provided that no event happens on the device (user log in / IP address change)  which could trigger an “Event-driven” inventory scan.