How to: Adding CI to Change in Web Desk, Tips in how to make the Add CI pop up window more friendly

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    How to make the "Add CI" Pop up window more friendly looking in Web Desk:

    When you add a CI to a Change in Console the window you will see will be structured by the CI's Type, making it very easy to find your CI. When you add a CI to a Change in Web Desk you will be presented with a full list showing all CI's. This can make it difficult to find the CI that you are after and so will take up a lot more time.


    The "Add CI" window in Console:


    console view.jpg


    The "Add CI" window in Web Desk:


    web desk view.jpg


    To make the Web Desk view look more like the Console view, to easier find your CI and add it to your Change, you can add a Grouped Query on to the Configuration Item Object's Default Query.

    This way when you click to add CI in Web Desk, you will see a very similar view to what you are seeing in Console.


    add ci wed desk finished.jpg




    Here is Step by Step in how you set this up:


    Step 1, creating the Query:


    Start with logging in to Console and create a new Query on the Configuration Item Object.


    new query.jpg


    Add on the Title Attribute as a column.

    (If you want more information about the CI when adding it to a Change, you can add on more Attributes as columns here and you will then see this in Web Desk as well)


    On the Group Page, add on "Class Type.Title" Attribute





    You will be presented with the below window.


    group window.jpg


    You can leave with the default settings, so just click OK.

    The Grouping on the Group Page will look like this:


    group done.jpg


    Finish your Query and save.



    Step 2 - Setting the Query as the default Query.


    In Console, go to Object Designer.

    Find the "Configuration Item" Object under Configuration Management Module


    In the Properties you will see an option called "Default Query". In here, select the Query you have just created.

    Save Object Designer.


    default query.png




    Please don't add any unprompted criteria to any Query that you want to use as a Default Query as this will cause issues.

    Unprompted Criteria are the ones that are not prompted by User.

    The default Query is being used in multiple scenarios and back end selections in the database. Any unprompted criteria added to a default Query will make back end selections filter incorrectly and show incorrect results, causing incorrect behaviour in other places in Service Desk.

    See note from LANDESK Designer Manual:

    important unpromted criteria.png