How To: Manually run a Bulk Action from a Query / Update more than one IPC in one go (Console + Workspaces)

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    How To:

    When having an Incident or any other IPC launched you can perform actions from the Action List Panel. If you would like to perform the same action on more than one Incident, instead of manually having to open every single Incident you can run a Bulk action updating all of them at once.


    We do this by running a "Bulk Action" from a Query in Console or in Workspaces and that's what we are going to cover in this article. Let's get started !


    Step by Step (Console):

    1. Create a Query which should show the results that you wish to perform the action on
      Specify this by using criteria in the Query

    2. Run the Query
    3. Select a record in the list of results
    4. You will see in the action panel have an action called: "Bulk Action". Click on this and you will be presented with the Bulk Action Wizard.

      On the first page, you can see the Module and Business Object that the Query is built on along with the name of the Query.

    5. In the Action drop down, select the action that you would like to perform.
      If you want to update a value on the main window select "[Amend attribute values]".
      Bulk action wizard 1.jpg

    6. In this scenario I have selected the action: "Close"
    7. Click Next and you will be presented with the default window of the relevant Object. In this case, the default Note window
    8. Fill in  the fields and click Next
      Bulk action wizard 2.jpg

    9. On the next page it will summarise the Module, Business Object, Query and Action. Click "Apply" to perform the Bulk action.
      Bulk action wizard 3.jpg

    10. When the Bulk action is finished running it will present the Total amounts of records gone through, how many failed and how many succeeded. It will also show you a list of the gone through results.
      Bulk action wizard 4.jpg

    11. Click Close


    Step by Step (Workspaces):

    1. Open a query from Workspaces
    2. Click on the "Bulk Actions" button
    3. Select the records you want to run an action on
    4. Select the action
    5. Follow the instructions and save


    Bulk action in Workspaces.png


    A few more things:

    Here are a couple of additional points to consider when creating the query.


    A bulk action will perform the chosen action on all results showing in the Query, so you will need to make sure that all the results have the relevant action available.


    A good criteria to add in to your Query is to specify the Lifecycle. This will make sure that all results in the Query belongs to the same process.

         Another good criteria to add to your Query is to specify the Status. This is again to make sure that all results have the relevant action available.






    If you are on a later version of Service Desk, once you have run the Query and single click on one of the results, you will be able to view the available actions in the side panel.

    You can also highlight more than one result by clicking and dragging or clicking with holding down Ctrl or Shift. This will allow you to see all available actions for all the highlighted results.




    Once you have highlighted one or more results in the Query, you will be able directly from here click on the action that you wish to perform. This will then update only the highlighted results.

    Clicking the "Bulk Action" action will update ALL results throughout the Query.