Troubleshooting guidance for the Blackberry Torch with Mobile Web Desk

Version 7


    Service Desk Mobile Webdesk (version 7.5+)


    How to check OS version

    Options - Device - Software Updates - it will show you the current version top of screen.


    Browser options for Security


    On the Home screen, click the Browser icon.

    Press the Menu key > Options.

    Check the Privacy & Security section, and the Accept Cookies check box.

    Press the  Menukey > Save.



    How to take screenshots on your Blackberry Torch:


    There are lots of applications available - just search in your favourite search engine.  However some of these cost money and some of these require you to have your device connected to your PC when you take the screenshot.  One free application that we have tried and liked is called Captureit.  This is currently available for download from this link. Once it is installed you should see the option to use it regardless of you are doing on your blackberry from the menu button.



    If you hit any problems you should be able to find lots of advice online but in case this helps anyone, I found that in order for it to work correctly on my device:


    • It was initially capturing blank / white screenshots.  To resolve this I needed to give the application all allow permissions.  I clicked on the Captureit icon from my home screen in order to do this.
    • It would not capture screens when in the browser.  Apparently using it from the menu doesn't always work when in a browser window and so you need to instead assign it to the convenience key (key on the side of the blackberry).  To assign the convenience key:
      • OS5: Open Options -> Screen/Keyboard -> Right/Left side Convenience key
      • OS6: (Most OS 6 phones have only one Convenience key) Options -> Device->Convenience Key.
      • OS6 Universal search: search for "Conv" and select the Option that appears


    Blackberry Event Logs:


    This article on the Blackberry Knowledge Base tells you how to set the event logs to debug mode.


    This article tells you how to extract them.


    Viewing the source code of a website on a Blackberry browser:


    Hold down ALT and type in RBVS whilst on the webpage required.  If you then press your options button you can select "Copy to Clipboard".  If you have "Capture It" installed (see above under "How to take screenshots") you can send it in an email directly from here.