apmservice.exe and/or mbsdkalerthandler.exe using 100% CPU on Core Server

Version 9
    Try one of the following solutions in the order presented. Once the issue is resolved there is no need to appy the following step.
    1 - Check the folder \\CORE\ldmain\sdstatus, if not possible to access it, or if its overloaded with files then open a command prompt and delete all files on that folder.
    This is a Microsoft issue where Windows has difficulties handling/accessing folders with a large number of files.
    2 - Reinstalling apmservice by executing:
    "c:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\apmservice.exe" /register


    3 - Open 'apmservice.ini' file located in \\CORESERVER\ldmain and make sure it looks like this:



    The second line needs to be commented out by adding a ';' to the beginning.


    Then LANDesk Policy Server needs to be restarted.