Where is Crystal Enterprise\Crystal Report Server storing my reporting details?

Version 3

    Environment: Crystal Server XI


    When moving Crystal Server XI to a new server or perhaps when upgrading to Crystal 2008 Server from Crystal XI, you may want to check where Crystal Server has been storing the reports and report settings that you have defined.  The problem is that there are various options that can be selected when you install Crystal Server (such as Mysql, MS Access, SQL Server, etc) and if you weren't the person who did the original install then you may not have details on this.


    In order to check this setting, run Crystal Reports Server - .Net Administration Launchpad from the Business Objects program group on your reporting server.  Then go into the Settings option:


    Crystal Enterprise2.JPG

    From here you will have your connection details to the reporting database under the Database name connection string.  This will be in the format: ServerName;DatabaseName;DatabaseProvider.  Under Data Source it will specify the name of the ODBC DSN it is using (if applicable).



    Crystal Enterprise.JPG